Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Strippers Diary- Edinburgh

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I have been a male stripper for many years and during that time I have done many weird and wonderful things. I thought that it would be good to start recording some of the things that have happened to me. I did think of borrowing the tile for this from Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet and author who had a book called ‘Adventures in the Skin Trade’! but in the end I thought that Danny’s diary was more appropriate. Even though I now run an agency I still enjoy getting out there and performing.

Strangely enough the first experience was one of the most unsettling I have ever had. There is nothing unusual in being booked for a family birthday party so, on the face of it, I went prepared to have a good time with the family. The house was at small Victorian detached at the end of a quiet street. The only unusual feature of the house was a full length steel gate in front of the porch. At first I thought no one was in as there were no lights shining from the house. However, when I rang the bell the door was answered quite quickly. The guy who answered asked ‘You the stripper?’ and when I has said I was he unlocked the gate, let me in then locked it behind us. Scary or what?

There were five of them in total, two men and three women. I asked who the birthday girl was and the lady who let me in just pointed to the youngest of the women. I went and spoke to her but she just looked at me, said nothing and then looked down at the floor. ‘Great start’ I thought. My strip was carried out in silence (apart from my music) and I was distracted by one of the guys who just spent the whole time looking at his hand. When I had finished, Mr ‘Handgazer’ came over and gave me my fee and then the lady who showed me in took me to the door, unlocked it, let me out ,then locked it behind me. This was probably the weirdest experience I have had in all my time as a male stripper.

Thankfully that was the exception rather than the norm and my next performance more than compensated for that. I was another birthday party in a private room in a pub. I was met by a stunning looking girl who had booked me and shown to the room. It was like dying and going to Heaven! The audience was all young, all attractive women in their twenties. The girl who had met me informed the others that I was the stripper booked for the party and I was grateful to get some appreciative, if somewhat suggestive, comments. I went to the gents and changed into my costume, the ubiquitous fireman’s uniform and was greeted by lots of cheering and several more comments.

The girls were fantastic and after I had finished my extended act I got to stay for a while chatting to all of them and having some photographs taken with them all. The nicest surprise was that the birthday girl was a budding actress and had had a couple of small roles in two TV series that I enjoy so we really hit if off.The only downside was that I left my fireman’s trousers behind and had to call back to the pub to collect them later in the week.

Let me tell you that I have living proof that age doesn’t matter. My last performance of the weekend was as a strippergram for a lady’s seventieth birthday. I had been asked to turn up as a James Bond lookalike and to strip down to my g-string so as not to shock the old lady too much. You can imagine my surprise when I met the lady in question. She was full of fun and looked absolutely amazing. If I hadn’t been told I would have never guessed that she was seventy. She clearly loved my performance and when I got down to my g-string she couldn’t resist the temptation to pull it off! Well you are not paid to be embarrassed.
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Female Stripper Tips

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So you think you can make a living out of stripping?

Certainly there is a good income to be made by female strippers particularly out of strip/pole dancing clubs but starting out can be daunting so I have taken it upon myself to help both male and female strippers to avoid the pitfalls I had when I began my career. I am now a successful stripper and run my own agency but all I knew at the start was that I wanted to make my living this way. This is just for you girls. Hopefully if you follow these simple steps it will set you on the path to success

It is probably stating the obvious but go and visit the club you have in mind. You may hate the place, its atmosphere, its clientele or any number of other things or you might love it all. So take a friend for moral support and go along.

Watching the strippers perform is a great was to see what is expected of you and also how the girls interact with the customers. It is this interaction that determines how successful a stripper will be. Don’t be daunted by this, remember as with everything in life practice makes perfect.

It is imperative that you feel comfortable so when you check out any clubs ask yourself the following questions. Do I feel safe here? Does the strip club look like it is well managed? Rely on your instinct it will rarely let you down.

Don’t be afraid to ask the strippers themselves questions about the club, its management and the sort of earnings you could expect if you did well. Not all of them will want to talk to you but the more experienced professionals are almost always willing to help out and give advice.

If you decide you are happy with the club the next step is to contact them and arrange an interview.

When asking for an interview ask the club what their procedures are. Normally this will be a pole dance on stage with a strip. The the club will need to see what your body looks like. It is important that you have a lean toned body. Clubs have different standards but you won’t go far wrong if you make sure that you visit a gym to get and stay in shape.

Club strippers all wear some sort of costume. Often it simply an evening dress, high heels and a thong although you will hopefully have a better idea following your visit. If you feel what you have is not suitable or want something new than a visit to Ebay may well be worth while. Just type in stripper and you will find plenty of costumes for sale at good prices.

You need to work out a routine for your audition. If you are unsure as to what to do then YouTube is very helpful. Either search for female strippers or pole dancing and you will get a huge choice. Having decided what your routine will be practice the moves at home, preferably in front of a mirror so that they will come easily to you. Just remember no one is expecting a professional dance routine.

So you’ve had your interview and passed the audition and your first day is approaching. The following steps should help you prepare for your first day

Stripping has always been part of a fantasy. The customers who go there are not looking for the girl next door type with whom they will fall in love and marry. To be part of that fantasy you need to set aside who you really are and develop a persona. Remember you can be anyone or anything you like. Have a stage name and have a few stories about your new self.
Make up is important. Every performing artist need to apply make up carefully and when you are on stage this is likely to be heavier that you would wear, even for a night out. Remember the lighting in most clubs is minimal.

Finally do not be afraid to approach the guys and ask them if they want you to dance for them. This is why you and they are there. Use your persona to build up a rapport; you will have them eating out of your hand. Also remember not to take rejection personally - it is the fantasy you are offering that they are rejecting not you.
It just remains for me to wish you a long and prosperous career. Following these steps should take away the need for luck!

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Can I make a living being a Male stripper

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Can I make a living being a male stripper?

Male strippers started to become acceptable in the UK in the late seventies and although there is a reasonable demand for the services of male strippers this is not the same sort of demand as for their female counterparts in the UK. The real market to earn money as a male stripper is in the USA where demand is exactly the same irrespective of sex.

Again, unlike in the US there are virtually no male table dancing clubs so if you want to earn money doing this you will need to relocate! In America you can expect to make $10 to $20 a dance .(usually 1 to 2 songs long) and good tips, on the other hand if you decide to work in a male stripper table dancing club in England then you can expect to make zero!. It has been tried before by various bars/strip clubs in England, the most famous of them being Stringfellows and, although it ran for a few years, unfortunately it never really took off. There are a couple of male table dancing clubs in England but unfortunately the guys don’t make any real money,

Frankly none of the top male strippers are involved in any significant way with these clubs. This is partly because the English are not known as generous tippers which is where the money is earned by female strippers in such clubs. Also there is no tradition of English women showing an interest in such club despite their huge appeal to American women.

Don’t worry though it is not all gloom and doom! I have been through all the ups and downs of being a male stripper and now make a good living doing so without ever leaving the UK. My main source of income which is standard for all male strippers in the UK is the stripogram. Strippergrams are private strip acts at private venues normally to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, office leaving dos, hen parties etc. You are expected to turn up normally in a costume of the customer’s choice and perform a routine which should last between 10 and 15 minutes. Your fee will be paid in cash.

Sometimes a male strippergram will be booked for a Ladies Night either on their own or along with other male strippers. This may entail doing one or more routines and may be more lucrative as you can charge more for this. As with the strippergram you can rely upon being paid in cash on the night.

So how do you go about getting work if you are just starting out. Most male strippers work through agencies. A lot of work is one off and the possibility of establishing a regular client database for an individual act is almost impossible. With all agency work, it is vitally important to check out potential agents. This can be most easily done on line. Before you accept work from any agency check out their fees. Some of the less scrupulous ones can charge up to 50% leaving you with £40.00 or £50.00. Through any reputable agency such as Danny Valentino Strippers Newcastle you will receive around £70.00 to £100.00 per strippergram.

The most important thing is to be realistic. It takes time and hard work to become established. Allow anything up to a year but remember whether you want to do this part time or full time you can earn anything from £100.00 to £1000.00 a week. You’ll never be a millionaire but it is a fun way to earn a good living.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ever wanted to get paid to take your kit off!

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It may be stating the obvious but the first thing you need is to be confident that you look good with and without your clothes. To be a successful stripper a good body and good looks are essential. After all when someone books a singer they expect that they can sing in tune and with a stripper they expect to see someone attractive. All the strippers that are on the books at have been selected for their good looks and well toned bodies. If this sounds like you then we would be delighted to hear from you.

So you know you look great but how are you going to convince others. Every professional artiste need to have a set of high quality promotional pictures. To obtain these means some capital outlay. A set of promotional pictures will cost in the region of £200.00. There are many good professional studios that specialize in such promo material so book a session; you will recoup the cost many times over

another tool of the trade that you cannot mange without, is a set of costumes. Ultimately you will probably build up a whole wardrobe but a good starting point is to go with the outfits most popular for male and female strippers. For men firemen, policemen and army officers are all extremely popular and for women they are nurses, maids and policewomen. Like the photographs don’t stint on the quality. Be prepared to spend about £100.00 on each costume. Like the photos you will recoup your costs quickly. All of these costumes can be easily obtained on line.

OK so you have got your costume and your pictures and now you are ready to go out there and wow them. So what you need next is a routine. Whilst you are not auditing for “Strictly” and you really don’t need to be a great dancer, the art to taking your clothes off is to do so to music. Without a good routine you will not be able to provide the Tease element of your strip. You will need routines for Strippergrams which are less complicated and allow the uses of props such as handcuffs for use on your “victim” whereas a male or female party will need a longer choreographed routine

What also helps a stripper is the right music. You will need to have a means of playing music (not all venues will have a PA system) and a selection of tunes suitable for various occasions. The musical set will need to vary in length. A strippergram set will normally be between 12 and 15 minutes whereas a stag or hen night will need to be slightly longer. You should make sure that you have a number of sets suitable for all age groups but, most of all, they should help you in your routine.

So to the final ingredient. To take your clothes off in public requires a special factor –personality. It’s surprising therefore that too many would be strippers don’t let this show when they are performing. More often than not it’s due to nerves or lacks of confidence but you have to let this come through to be the best. Remember you audience wants to be entertained and to put on a show you need to interact with them. So if you think you can deliver all of this then take the first step in your new career by contacting Male strippers Newcastle throughout Newcastle and the uk.